Synergy Summer Tech Camp Continues To Grow


Minecraft class at Synergy Summer Tech Camp 2015.

The second year of Synergy’s Summer Tech Camp continued to grow with new offerings and additional weeks. More than 85 students engaged in tech classes over six weeks that included Robotics, Tinkering, Minecraft, Coding, Video Production and Photoshop Art.

Classes were taught by current Synergy middle school teachers, Kristi Coale and Nisrene Kazimi.  Ian Sicurella, a Synergy alumni and Bard College student, was also a key instructor. Tech teacher assistants included Synergy alumni Dylan Weir, David Stull and Bryan LeBlanc.

The Tech Camp included students from the 10-14 age group. All classes met in upstairs classrooms and during breaks and lunchtime students were integrated into the regular summer program. Some current Synergy students took classes. A higher number of the enrolled students came from other private and public schools in the surrounding community.

More information on Tech Camp 2015

Read the Synergy Times story: The Founding of Tech Camp



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