How Evernote can help make students (& teachers) more productive

Writing notes and keeping them organized is one of those important things that can easily become a chore – especially if you’re using multiple written notebooks or trying to sync notes across multiple devices. Luckily we have great apps like Evernote.

You can create a free Evernote account and you easily save a note (or audio files, web searches and more) on a school computer and then view it or hear elsewhere on your home computer or mobile device.

If you need more coaxing, read: 10 ways Evernote can help make students more productive. Here’s an excerpt:

For those of you who haven’t come across it, Evernote is a remember-everything app. It remembers, everything. When used to its full potential, it has the capacity to improve the productivity of our students. Here are 10 reasons I think it could help to do just that…

Evernote makes you organized. I am the opposite of an organised person. However, a peek inside my Evernote account reveals a different story. All of my notes are tagged and saved into one of my notebooks and give more than an illusion of organisation. These notes contain typed notes, handwritten notes, pictures, webpages, audio files, documents, pdfs, powerpoints and much, much more…

Also, check out:  Evernote Peek which helps you make flashcards from your study notes.


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