Open Source Text Editing Options

Here at Synergy we use Microsoft Office 2008 on all student Macintosh computers in 4-8 classrooms and it’s worked well. But what happens at home? Do you need to buy a full version of Office for school work? The short answer is no. There are many “Open Source” software programs that are available at low cost or no cost on the internet. And you can use a basic Text Editors, included in Mac and Windows PCs to do most writing assignments. If you’re a Google/Gmail user, the build in text editor does a great job for most writing assignments.

Here’s a starting list:

LibreOffice: (Free, donation encouraged)

Open Office: (Free)

Google Docs: (Free)

Neo Office: ($10 payment)

Simple text editors: TextEdit (Apple) and Note Pad (Windows) are built into each Operating System

More Alternatives:


2 thoughts on “Open Source Text Editing Options

  1. LibreOffice ( is pretty good too – it’s a recent spin-off of OpenOffice and is also free. I’ve found it tends to do a better job of not corrupting documents that were created in Microsoft Office than OpenOffice does.

    I should also mention that Google Docs is great if you just want to edit documents online in Google’s native format, however it does a pretty terrible job of preserving formatting etc. if you import or export a document from Microsoft Office.

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